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Oct 19, 2017 · Here we are going to focus on linked and unlinked Group Policy Objects (GPOs). GPOs can be linked to the domain node, organizational units (OUs), and sites. As soon as a GPO is linked to one of these Active Directory (AD) locations, the settings in the GPO immediately affect the objects (users and/or computers) under the scope of that GPO. Dynamic Groups. Update access rights automatically. Less administrative effort, better security. FirstWare DynamicGroup allows the automation of FirstWare DynamicGroup is an AD automation tool. It provides automated group assignments of AD objects. Real time savings and higher security...To do this on a server, start Server Manager, and then on the Tools menu, click Active Directory Users and Computers. To create an OU for the cluster computer objects, right-click the domain name or an existing OU, point to New , and then click Organizational Unit .

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