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Resources for Seniors, Inc. Welcome to Resources for Seniors, Inc. Resources for Seniors serves older adults and adults with disabilities in Wake County, NC, by providing home and community-based services and information so that they can maximize their choices for independence, comfort, safety, security and well-being. The next day, at the funeral, the pastor did not hold back. "He was an evil man," he said. "He cheated on his wife and abused his family." After going on like this, he finally concluded, "But, compared to his brother, he was a SAINT." Index. The Survivor One day in the South Pacific, a navy ship Captain saw smoke coming from a hut on an ... Singapore Prison Service Volunteer Awards 2020 – Speech by Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment 04 Nov In Response to Parliamentary Motion on the Criminal Justice System - Speech by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

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